Packing in more environmentally friendly bags or sleeves, like paper bags or wraps, are increasingly gaining preference in most European countries.
window bagThis development is often seen on the local / fresh bakeries and pastry shops, but also on non-food applications, such as the packaging of soap or fresh cut flowers. Paper packaging generally has a larger diameter in the twist, than an average plastic bag twist is. Any sealing system must be able to handle this larger diameter, to make sure the products are safe from the elements. Innoseal® jumped in on this trend to enable anyone who is interested to follow this environment friendly trend. Making Innoseal an even more responsible, ecological choice. The L-sealer can close up twisted bags, sleeves or other possible packaging, with a diameter of 12 mm; double the width of the Original Innoseal® Standard Sealer, with its diameter holding up to 6 mm passageway.

Sustainable solution

The L-sealer, as well as the Standard Sealer, use a rubber based tape and a type of craft paper. It’s more natural. A sustainable solution, as both the foil and the paper can be recycled excellently, without harmful substances such as PVC ending up in the environment. The cores on which the tape and paper are wound are actually already made from recycled materials that can be recycled again after you are done with them. So overall, one might say the Innoseal system is helping the world become more sustainable.

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