unique combination tape and paper InnosealOne of the major advantages the Innoseal® Sealer is that the closure is made out of a piece of tape and paper. This makes it very easy and quick to open your fastened bag and close it back up again, without your bag tearing or being wasteful. Very handy for plastic bags, but also useful if you’d like to close a bag made from mesh or paper. This closure keeps fruit or bread (for example) fresh for longer. Because this system doesn’t have a closure consisting of tape only, you won’t need scissors or knives, strength or long nails to access your items in the bag. Plus, the tape Innoseal uses is a specific style blend, which makes sure the closure is strong and resistant of the elements (cold, warmth, water, ice, microwave), it is also sticky enough to re-use, but soft enough to not tear your bag.

Switching to Innoseal®

The ingeniously simple, effective and user-friendly Innoseal® closure is one of the reasons that more and more people are switching to the Innoseal® system. It’s less wasteful, because the end-user can easily re-use the closure again, while delivering a tamper-evident seal – which easily shows you if the closure has been opened prior, or not. Ideal to look for when you go grocery shopping! You can easily order the rolls of tape and paper on our web shop!

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