General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions  Innoseal Europe B.V.

This website is under management and supervision of Innoseal Europe B.V., in Tilburg, The Netherlands. These conditions only apply to this website. By using this website you indicate that you accept these terms. Do not use this website if you do not accept the conditions stated below.

Objective of Information

The information on this website is intended to be as detailed and factual as possible. However, Innoseal Europe reserves the right to make changes, i.e. pricing, and change product availability at any time without prior notice. The prices shown on this website are suggested retail prices, to which no rights can be obtained.


Innoseal Europe B.V. has partnerships with resellers. Innoseal Europe B.V. solely distributes directly to agents. The information provided on websites of Innoseal resellers is entirely the responsibility of the owners. Innoseal Europe B.V. has no influence on, and is not responsible for, the content of websites or sales of independent external providers. All products on this website are the intellectual property of Innoseal Europe B.V.

The content may not be copied or reproduced, other than that is necessary to view online. It is, however, permitted to print complete pages of the website for your personal use only.


If you want to use a link to directly link to this website, you must always request permission from Innoseal Europe B.V.


Although Innoseal Europe B.V. endeavors to ensure that the website is accessible 24 hours a day, Innoseal Europe B.V. cannot be held liable if the website is unavailable at any time, and for any length of time. The website may be temporarily unavailable, and without prior notice, due to a system error, maintenance or repair, or is down by any reason beyond Innoseal Europe B.V.’s control. With the exception of your personal data, covered by the Privacy Statement of Innoseal Europe B.V., all material you send to the website will be considered non-confidential, and not covered by intellectual property.

Accuracy of Information

Innoseal Europe B.V. will do everything reasonable to ensure that the content of this website is as correct and current as possible. However, as a result of interim changes to the product range, its specifications and the like, it is possible that the depicted products deviate from the most recent versions. Innoseal Europe B.V. reserves the right to change the specifications of its products at any time and does not accept any liability for loss or damage, in whatever form, as a result of relying on the content of this website.

No rights can be derived from the statements and representations on the website and the material on the website is provided, without reservation, guarantees or other conditions. Consequently and to the extent permitted by law, Innoseal Europe B.V. offers the website under the condition that Innoseal Europe B.V. excludes all responsibilities, guarantees, provisions and other conditions (including, without limitation, the conditions imposed by law), with the exception of the provisions in these conditions, in connection with this website.