The best, most efficient and safest bag sealer worldwide!

Why not bathe in luxury; and go for the most efficient and safe bag sealer in the world. We think the Innoseal bag closing solution is number one, by far! Innoseal Europe B.V. is a manufacturer and distributor of the popular Innoseal® Sealer. Innoseal offers an innovative and high-quality bag closure system and Refill, fit for various markets. These include, and do not exclude others: bakeries, butchers, supermarkets, flower shops, fish shops, confectionery shops, health food stores, factories and other businesses that benefit from the quick, safe, hygienic and cost-effective packaging of products (like food or parts) in plastic, mesh and / or paper bags. Innoseal® operates worldwide. The head office and factory is located in Veghel, in the Netherlands. Our philosophy is simple: Offer effective, user-friendly, hygienic, economically attractive and durable bag closing systems to professional users and consumers. Innoseal Systems Inc. is a supplier of the official Innoseal® Sealer Standard (Innoseal® Sealer) and Innoseal® L-Sealer in the America’s and Innoseal Europe works with distributors all over the world to make sure everyone can get their hands on this magnificently simple solution. High-quality sealers that are considered to be the best worldwide, we see it as the only one in its kind – nothing can compare to this innovative solution.

Innoseal standaardsealer en Innoseal L-sealer

Cheaper to use

Besides being sustainable, Innoseal is also economically friendly! Research has shown that the Innoseal® bag closer is cheaper to use than ‘comparable’ closures, like the plastic standardized clips or dangerous metal wire twist ties that are oftentimes applied around the neck of bakery goods in bags. The lower annual costs alone is an important reason for many entrepreneurs to switch to the Innoseal® system. The Innoseal® bag closure is unique in how it consists of tape and paper – easy open and tamper-evident. Want to find our more great advantages? Take a look at our shop! Innoseal can already be found in over 150 countries! Care to join the club? Are you located in the America’s? Visit to find your Innoseal solution nearby!

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