“We have been using Innoseal® Sealers for a long time in our bakery. And to full satisfaction. We have used other systems before this one, but Innoseal® stands out from the crowd! We no longer want anything else. It never fails, can take a beating and is easy to clean. Moreover, you hardly have to make an effort to close a bag. That is easy and super-fast. Our staff is very happy with it! The replacement of the rolls of tape and rolls of paper is also fast and easy. Of course that is important if the pressure is on in our shop. After all, we don’t want our customers to wait unnecessarily long. Plus, it’s also pleasant for our customers, because the closures are very easy to open and close again at home. ”

Ellen De Wit from Bakery Jack De Wit


Innoseal L-sealer bij de slager“Hygiene is very important in our butcher shop. Our customers also rely on that for 100%. The Innoseal® Sealer fits in perfectly with that philosophy. This is an almost completely closed system, so the paper and tape rolls always stay clean. Of course you have to clean the sealer occasionally, but that’s no problem, cleaning is very easy as well. You can chuck it in the dishwasher, since its dishwasher safe. And after cleaning you can quickly replace the rolls, close the lid and get started. We are very happy with the Innoseal® Sealer. We can trust it because it will never abandon us!”

Mendy Wekking from Keurslagerij Aarts




Innoseal Zakkensluiter vaak gebrauikt door de groenteboer“We have tried other sealers, but trying everything has come to an end with the Innoseal® Sealer! Now that’s a system that has everything we could expect from a sealer. It is sturdy, steady and heavy enough to remain in place when you close a bag of oranges, closing the bag in one simple movement. So fast!
A lot of bags with apples, plums, grapes and other fruit and vegetables pass over the counter on an annual basis. That’s when the price starts to count most. Five closures cost just one cent, and that is cheaper than other closures, like plastic square clips, for example. It also feels good to know that my customers do not have to go home and cut open the bag or bad taped bag with a knife or scissors. ”

Lambert van Dinter from Riny van Kessel Fruit and Vegetables