Make a BIGGER impact on your customers’ life. Seal your products with bigger seals and longer tabs; take your purchasers’ shopping experience to the next level. L-Sealer

As you greet each person who walks through the door, you can’t help but notice the elderly buyers  who come in day after day. They are the backbone of your business. You love chatting with them, hearing their stories and learning about their lives. But as soon as they go home, they are struggling to open that bread bag or the bag of vegetables. In particular, they struggle with bag closures that are a pain in the butt.
In the comfort of their homes, people feel frustrated as they attempt to open a bag, facing repeated failures or, accidentally, spilling the bag’s contents all over the kitchen. When someone raises this concern,  a chorus of agreement emerges, revealing a shared sentiment among many. A Reddit post on this topic generated numerous comments with unanimous consensus that modern food packaging has become increasingly difficult to open. Now, if a 41-years-old person finds it challenging, one can only imagine the added difficulties faced by older adults or those with rheumatic symptoms.

Wouldn’t you be happier knowing that you can simplify their daily life with an easier bag closing solution?

That is where Innoseal comes in to save the day – with our L-Sealer and our unique and extraordinary seal; of tape and paper.

Designed to be both reliable and robust, the L-Sealer, along with all the other Innoseal Sealers, is built to resist humidity, heat and cold. Not only are they durable, but they are also incredibly user-friendly. Opening and recharging is a breeze. With a simple wet wipe or even in the dishwasher, they are clean as new. The Innoseal closures are airtight, reusable and tamper evident. Any tamper attempts are immediately visible with rips in the paper; this builds consumer confidence because they’ll know that they are the first to touch their food.

The L-Sealer in particular excels in versatility. This Innoseal bag closing solution has a wider slot, 12 mm, which creates our unique seals with longer tabs that can handle all kinds of bags, from thick plastic, to paper, to mesh, and more. Notably, these tabs provide a secure grip and effortless bag opening, meeting the needs of seniors and individuals with rheumatic conditions. The paper on the longer tabs make everyone have a firm hold on the seal and it has the words “Twist and Pull” printed. With a simple and harmless movement, bags sealed with Innoseal L-Sealer are the best option and the most inclusive solution on the market. And the best part? You won’t have to sacrifice speed, ease or quality; all of this while keeping your food fresh.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear what Mrs. Hannah Boulton has to say! She has been working tirelessly for years to raise awareness about packaging materials that are more “senior-friendly”. During one of her Innoseal Focus Group sessions she ran, she received a comment: It was fun! I’ve never been in a focus group and was interested in the process which you demonstrated well. It is very niche product, and the device is well engineered…

So what are you waiting for?

Make your customers’ experience the ultimate level of comfort and quality, by choosing the Innoseal L-Sealer. Your valuable customers will thank you for it, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using the best bag closing system on the market.

Check the L-Sealer on our webpage.

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