Would you use an already opened band-aid package, like this?

We wouldn’t either! Wanna know why?

When the packaging of a band-aid has been tampered with, it gives off the idea of it being used. It probably has all sorts of harmful germs on it, which we don’t want on our cuts or scrapes. The same goes with a closure around your goodies. Sealing in the freshness from within, but also keeping out the dirt and debris. A tamper evident seal is essential! Here’s why!

Your customers begin packaging their food products, with consumers’ needs in mind; a packaging solution which makes sure the goods are safe, have a longer shelf-life and are easy accessible.

With an Innoseal closure, you’ll have the full package, at your fingertips.

A worry-free mind, without taking away of practicality. A tear in the Innoseal seal indicates your product could have been opened before and possibly handled with. A broken closure is no longer guaranteed to keep your goods safe, unless you were the one opening the package. With a quick and easy check, you can assure that nothing has gone in or out that package and your food remains germ-free.
‘’No tear means No-Scare!’’

So, as we were saying before, the same goes for the band-aid; no-one wants to risk germs on their skin, why would you risk customers getting ill due to faulty packaging?

Innoseal has got you covered. Sell safety…  Keep it safe.

Curious about other advantages of Innoseal? Get in contact with us for more details!

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