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Special promotion for our tradeshow season.
84 Refill Sets + 2 Classic Sealers (2nd Sealer 50% off) €30,- discount (for shipping costs)!





Sealer + Refill combination
Effortless closing
Show- Deal

Classic Combo

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Extra website deal exclusive for our trade show season.

Box content:

  • 2x Classic Sealers – 2nd Sealer with 50% off
  • 84 Refill sets – Multicolor

€30,- discount – to offset shipping costs


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Benefits Sealer
Sleek and bright

  • White exterior, the Classic Sealer is fully white. In addition to guaranteeing maximum hygiene, the white color provides a greater exterior feel of order and cleanliness.
  • Pre-loaded, you will receive a Sealer already loaded with a roll of tape (PVC-free) and a roll of paper (= 1 set Refill).
  • No bother with the assemblage, the whole bag sealing system arrives to you already assembled, so that you do not have to do anything but place it where you think it will give the best of itself.
  • With the 6 mm slot you can easily close bags within a blink of an eye.
  • An economical choice, because of the lifetime durability of the Sealer and the compact Refill rolls with  ± 850* closures per set.
  • The Sealer opens effortlessly and can be easily reloaded.
  • Easy to clean by hand.
  • Rust-free, The Sealer is dishwasher safe.
  • The Sealer can resist frost, heat, and humid environments thanks to its closed housing.
  • The special and innovative designed seal, which combines tape and paper is tamper evident, if there is a tear in the paper it means that someone opened the bag before you.
  • The ingenious closure made of tape and paper is easy to open, find the instructions “Twist and Pull” on the paper and open your bag in a heartbeat.
  • The seal is reusable, so the bag can be closed again; just twist the neck of the bag back up, stick the closures around it, pinch the tabs back together and enjoy the contents of the bag later.
  • The Innoseal bag closing system creates airtight seals. This way you will keep away the dirt and the contents will stay fresh longer.

Benefits Refill
Always enough stock – never left without your trusty seals

  • ± 850* closures in a compact single set.
  • A set includes 1 roll of tape and 1 roll of paper; so this box option will give you 84 sets (84 rolls of tape, 84 rolls of paper) and about 71.400* closures per box!
  • Always enough stock, 2 boxes of this could easily close as many bags as a pallet load from alternative solutions would offer. Logistically and stock keeping wise, you have a smart choice on your hands with this compact, yet heavy duty, bag closing solution.
  • The tape is safe for children and elderly people, there is no risk of suffocating if swallowed by mistake.
  • The airtight seal keeps your product fresh and always clean.
  • The closure is easy-to-open with the paper on the tabs of the seal and with the instructions “Twist & Pull” on them! It’s that easy
  • If someone tried to open the bag before you, it will be seeable thanks to the paper, and this makes the seal tamper evident.
  • You can close your bag more often because of the reusable closure, thanks to highly developed tape. Twist the neck of the bag, position the seal around it, pinch the tabs back together and enjoy your goods later.
  • PVC-free tape!
  • 7-color palette available. With the Multicolor Refill sets it is possible to use a color code system, but also available in Unicolor (one color), to align the seals with your business identity. We can’t say the same for the 28 Refill sets, due to a different type of packaging process.

* Depends on the neck of the bag

Dimensions Sealer: 245 mm x 70 mm x 130 mm
Dimension Slot: 6 mm

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Weight 6,5 kg