The New Normal

Going green without doing concessions. The Inno-RE-Set consists of a RE-Sealer, 7 sets limited edition RE-fill and an Edding marker.

The black base of the bag closing system gives a modern look and is made of 100% recycled materials. The Limited edition Refill is lime green and guarantees the same Innoseal® benefits as you are used to. With the Edding marker you can personalize the Sealer; making it a point of sales or a grocery list.
Recreate your future.
*average amount of closures for a consumer.

€125 per set

Prices exclude VAT or other taxes, transport, ex- and import duties, etc. Ask us for details.
Recreate your future.

Dimensions: 245 mm x 68 mm x 130 mm

Weight: 625 grams

SKU: 2300

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