Innoseal® Inno-boX

20 Sets of X-Refill and 1 free X-Sealer assembly kit


Innoseal® Inno-boX

The Inno-boX consists of 20 Sets of X-Refill with one FREE X-Sealer. These articles will only be sold as a combination. It’s not possible to order them separately. Inside the box you will find a ‘’Do-It-Yourself’’ assembly kit. Keep in mind that construction is always done by the user (instructions added in box).

With the Inno-boX you can always deliver the most customer-friendly closure at low costs. The closures of the X-Sealer have the same benefits as you can expect from Innoseal®. Easy to open and close, tamper-evident, airtight and safe for use with food.


Dimensions: 370 mm x 170 mm x 220 mm

Slot: 6 mm

Weight: 1100 grams

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Besides the formerly known Standard Sealers and the L-Sealer, Innoseal® has created a new innovation; the Inno-boX. This box is a ‘’Do-It-Yourself’’ assembly kit with 20 Sets of X-Refill and a Free X-Sealer.

The Refill contains approximately 7000 closures per set, which means 10 closures for 0,01!

The Inno-boX is the answer to all customer-unfriendly bag closing systems, especially at such a low cost. Most other (cheap) systems use only tape to close bags. The Inno-boX guarantees the best quality closures, Innoseal® quality. This is especially interesting in comparison to other alternatives in the lower priced segment. The X-Sealer produces the same closure as all of the other Original Innoseal® Sealers. Please notice that the Standard- and L-Sealers have many more advantages. This X-Sealer, however, is a great alternative for the metal-type-china bag closing system.

An amazing closure, but fit for a small budget.


The X-Sealer and X-Refill are only available in a combination, as Inno-boX. This box contains all the parts to build your own X-Sealer. In the box you will find; Spoke Wheel, Knife Holder, 6 screws, the exterior of the X-Sealer and 20 Sets of X-Refill. To make it easier, you will find a X-Sealer assembly instruction sheet inside. The Inno-boX truly distinguishes itself from other bag closing systems. It produces a food safe, easy open and close closure, and the costs per seal are way lower than any other closure in the market.

The X-Sealer has an open core and a natural color, so the design looks robust or industrial. 

 Main Advantages of the Innoseal® Inno-boX:
  • One FREE Sealer
  • Economical choice compared to other closures
  • Safe and quick
  • Corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Re-open and close the sealer without scissors or knife
  • Airtight closure
  • Products stay fresh longer
  • Tamper-evident closure, you can see if it has been opened before – food safety
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Ergo-dynamic
  • Prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Easy to use and reload
  • Open exterior enables you to see whan to change rolls
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 37 × 17 × 22.5 cm