Innoseal L-Sealer

Innoseal® L-Sealer (Grey with Transparent lid)

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Innoseal® Sealer

The Innoseal® Sealer is at the top of its game; possibly even the best bag closing system out there. This bag closing machine is not only safe, but it is durable and sturdy – so it can take quite a few hits and falls, while maintaining its safe exterior. The closure itself is tamperproof, because you can easily see if there is a rip or tear in the seal. The closure is extremely easy to quickly open and close back up again. It is freezer and microwave friendly, keeping your products inside the bag fresh with an airtight seal. The Sealer is dishwasher friendly (don’t forget to take out the easy to remove components), and all-over easy to clean. Keeping cost per closure lower than the next bag closer. Innoseal® offers lifetime warranty on their high-quality sealers!

Please note: The L-Sealer is larger, giving thicker bags access too; thicker plastic, mesh bags, thicker cake pop sticks, paper bags, etc. The Standard Sealers have a neck-width of 6 mm, the L-Sealer allows up to 12 mm thickness.

Dimensions: 170 mm x 290 mm x 74 mm
Weight: 825 grams

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Innoseal® L-Sealer: Amazing bag closing solution, but bigger

Besides the Innoseal® Sealer Standard, there is also a larger version: Innoseal® L-Sealer.
In addition to having larger dimensions as a whole, the L-Sealer differs from the standard due to the fact that the L-Sealer can accept and close bags with a wider neck. This allows larger bags to be closed with the same ease.

The Innoseal® L-Sealer is a high-quality closing solution, just like Innoseal’s standard sealers, but bigger.
Innoseal® has already won over the hearts (and minds) of many supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, candy shops, fruit- and vegetable processors, coffee and tea shops, (health) food businesses and others who sell fresh products. Besides it being extremely useful for fresh goods, Innoseal® is also seen as the mandatory closing system used in hardware stores, pet shops and an amazing variation of production facilities. It is safe to say, the Innoseal® Sealers are super handy for use at home too.

Imagine all the possibilities! Even more possibilities with a larger insert for bags and sleeves, packing all your products into a safely closed environment, sealing it off from the surroundings.  Necks of bigger bags (twisty part being up to 12 mm) have a larger diameter than standard bags (6 mm). Because the L-Sealer is made for larger bag inserts, the L-Sealer has a bigger spoke wheel than the Standard Sealer. The closures, that have the unique combination of tape and a piece of paper, are therefor also slightly larger. This is why rolls of Refill (tape and paper) contain less closures when used in a L-sealer, than if you use the same rolls in a Standard Sealer.


At Innoseal® we honor differences. You can get an Innoseal® Sealer 3 different styles: All-over White, White with a transparent lid, and the bigger version; Grey with a transparent lid. The All-over White is our standard classic – sleek and bright, but if you choose one of either sealers with transparent front you can easily see what’s going on with your Refill set. Is there still enough paper and tape, or do you need a re-fill?

Innoseal® also provides choices in Refill. Would you like a tiny box to use at home or in a smaller shop? The Innoseal® Refill 28 sets will give you 28 rolls of paper and 28 rolls of paper, to make sure you have enough! Do you want to make sure you are never left without your trusty seals? Order a big box, which contains 84 sets – good for approximately 75.600 closures.

The Innoseal® Sealer truly distinguishes itself from other bag closing systems. It is sturdy and impact-resistant; practically unbreakable, very safe and completely closed – which makes is very hygienic and overall practical. The bag closure is easy to open and (re)close, the system is dishwasher-safe, easy to wipe clean and the costs per closure are lower than other bag closures, like the controversial plastic square clips or sometimes harmful twist-ties.

Durable, affordable and lifetime warranty

The sealer is made of ABS plastic and has a closure that consists of a unique type of tape and tear-able paper. The closure can therefore be opened quickly and without any help of scissors, and without the bag ripping. A closure consisting of tape only will not have these advantages. The Innoseal® Sealer has taken the place of the former Pritt Sealer and Novem Sealer and is also much stronger and more beautiful! In addition, sustainability is underlined by lifelong manufacturer’s warranty – under normal use and maintenance. In fact, would your sealer fail to work properly, Innoseal® will provide a FREE Innoseal® Sealer as replacement. Innoseal® personally checks every sealer before it leaves the factory, but you never know. Just remember Innoseal® will take care of it for you!

Every new Innoseal® Sealer is immediately ready for use, as there is already a roll of tape and a roll of paper loaded into the machine. The Innoseal® Sealer is unique and loved by many – worldwide!

 Main Advantages
  • Sturdy and never refuses
  • Safe and quick
  • Corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Re-open and close the sealer without scissors or knife
  • Airtight closure
  • Products stay fresh longer
  • Tamper-evident closure, you can see if it has been opened before – food safety
  • Economical choice compared to other closures
  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • Relatively heavy for more stability and sturdiness
  • Completely closed housing, minimizing dirt and filth
  • No more loose parts or core holders that are easily lost while closing a bag
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Ergo-dynamic
  • Prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Easy to use and reload
  • Transparent lid enables you to see when to change rolls
  • Can be secured to a tabletop with screws into the bottom plate; against theft
Weight 0.825 kg
Dimensions 29 × 7.4 × 17 cm