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Refilling your system will be done very quickly if you have the refill rolls nearby. Very convenient if you have fresh products you’d like to pack. Want to see how to refill your refills into the Innoseal system? Go take a look at our videos! This one may help: How to Load the Innoseal Sealer.

Normally Innoseal® Sealers won’t break, but in the case of normal use Innoseal® will give you lifelong factory warranty on your machine. If one of the components inside the Innoseal Sealer is malfunctioning or is lost, please take a look at our web shop: Service Sets will help you out to revive your sealer!
Make sure you get the correct Service Set for your Innoseal® Sealer, as there is a difference in size.
Is your sealer base Grey (comes with a transparent lid)? Then you have a wonderful L-Sealer. You will need a L-Service Set (#15958).
Does your sealer have a White body (with or without transparent lid)? You have a Standard Sealer on your hands. You can opt for a Standard Service Set (#15939).

The Innoseal® Sealer with its special Refill is considerably cheaper than other bag closing solutions systems. Plastic clips, wired lock strips, wraps and wires, or tapers with way too sticky tape, not really comparable with the quality Innoseal stands for – nor are the other options economically fulfilling.
Innoseal is the sustainable system, in more ways than one. Many other systems use PVC tape, while Innoseal® uses a rubber solvent tape, which guarantees a perfect closure and is less harmful to the environment. To go on, the closures are significantly smaller and more efficient than other closures. This not only leads to less residual waste, but also the closures take much less place than other closing systems.
Safety is always an important aspect, and Innoseal holds this factor high as well. Because Innoseal® closures cannot lie scattered around, they do not pose a potential danger to small children and cannot end up in food or other products. The Choice is Chrystal Clear.

Open the Innoseal® Sealer;

Keep the machine stable by placing it on a flat surface. Slightly push the lid of the sealer upwards, gently lift – it will not need any force. The spaces on top of your sealer, which normally hold the clips of the lid, will separate the base (back side) from the lid (front side) once you have lifted the lid successfully. You can now easily tip the lid forward, giving access to the cores of your old refill rolls.

Grab your new rolls of tape and paper; one refill set. Innoseal recommends to switch out both rolls at the same time, to reduce changing time and to guarantee the best performance. We also advise to clean your machine before you add new refill into your sealing system. This will ensure a longer life for your products and satisfactory closures time after time. Take your new refill set, one roll of tape and one roll of paper, and fill the sealer:

  1. Line the paper roll on the mold spaces on the left, just beside the knife-mechanism.
  2. Place the tape roll on the special molding on the right beside the spoke wheel.
  3. Close the lid and have fun using Innoseal!

Having a hard time figuring out how to place the rolls? Please take a look at our instruction video. Seeing it being done often helps, it is actually very easy once you know how it’s done: How to Load the Innoseal Sealer. Practice makes perfect.

Are you in need of a bag cutter or a cutter block, to cut off the extra bit of your bags? Or do you want to replace a component in your system, then you might want a service set.
Is your sealer base Grey (comes with a transparent lid)? Then you have a L-Sealer. You will need a L-Service Set (#15958), or the L-Bag Cutter Block (#15900-1). This sealer and accessories are larger than standard, so these will only fit in a L-Sealer.
Does your sealer have a White body (with or without transparent lid)? You have a Standard Sealer on your hands. You can opt for a Standard Service Set (#15939), or the Standard Bag Cutter Block (#15900). The standard sealer is a smaller than the L-sealer, so be careful to order the standard service set and bag cutter too.


Innoseal Standard sealer all over white
The Innoseal® Standard Sealer, all over white

Innoseal®L-sealer, grey with a transparent lid
The Innoseal®L-sealer, grey with a transparant lid

Innoseal® Standard Sealer, with a transparent lid
The Innoseal® Standard Sealer, with a transparent lid


Are you still in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us, to find out which product is right for you!

Innoseal® provides you with the choice of quantity in Refill. Would you like a tiny box to use at home or in a smaller shop? The Innoseal® Refill 28 sets will give you 28 rolls of paper and 28 rolls of paper, to make sure you have enough! Re-fill your beloved sealer 28 times.
Do you want to make sure you are never left without your trusty seals? Order a big box, which contains 84 sets – good for approximately 75.600 closures. 84 sets will enable you to fill your machine back up 84 times. Besides options in quantity, we offer various color options! Go ahead and take a look here:

Options for the Small Box of Refill: 28 sets

Options for the Big Box of Refill: 84 sets

It’s really easy. At the top of the website you will find the navigation bar. In this top bar, go to ‘shop’ with your mouse (you do not have to click it); a drop-down menu will appear. In the drop-down menu you choose “Innoseal® Sealer“. There you will see three versions of our sealers. You click on the bag closing solution of your choice. In the field next to “Quantity” you will see the amount of sealers you can ask a quotation for: 1, 2, 6 or 12 pieces. After choosing a quantity, click on “Add to quote” and follow the instructions. With three steps you will have sent your quotation request to us. If you want to order Innoseal® Refills too, just follow the same steps.
We will contact you as soon as possible! It is possible our email ( ) gets sent straight to your SPAM-folder, please keep an eye on it – just in case.

Innoseal SealerOf course! You do not need to log in to the website specifically for this. The Innoseal® bag sealer is not only used in businesses, but it is also ideal for home use. If you want to take sandwiches with you, for example, or if you want to freeze food in a plastic bag; use the dishwasher-friendly Innoseal® bag closer.
You don’t have any refills left? You can simply quote to order new ones through our website.

The Innoseal Sealer can be cleaned in the dishwasherOpen the sealer and remove the tape and paper rolls. The brake and the spoke wheel can be easily taken out if desired, to clean the sealer better. You can clean the inside with a damp cloth and some detergent. The Sealer can also be cleaned by popping it in the dishwasher! Just remove all loose / movable parts, to ensure that your bag-closing system is complete for use again after the dishwasher session. If desired, you can unscrew the bottom plate. You will see 2 screws on either side of your Innoseal® Sealer, with a screwdriver they are out in no time. View our instructional clips to experience how easy cleaning the Innoseal® bag closing system actually is!