Innoseal [in-uh-seel]

Highlights: Bag neck Sealer/ System / Food grade safe


About Innoseal®
Our company
  • Passionate about Taping Solutions, Happy Customers, and so much more.
  • Over 25 years of high quality, excellent care, sophisticated innovations and traditional service. As an International company, we strive to provide the world with better (bag) closing solutions & seals than ever before.
  • Through hard work and dedication of partners and employees, Innoseal has grown from a mere idea to an actualized patented product, loved by customers and workforce alike.

The world of Innoseal

For more than 25 years, we trust and take pride in the ease our system brings. Innoseal offers an innovative and high-quality bag closure system and Refill, fit for various markets. Innoseal Europe B.V. (also known as Innoseal International) is a manufacturer and distributor of the popular Innoseal system.

Over the years the Innoseal Sealer went through several changes. Our previous types were known as: Duosealer, Twinseal, Pritt Sealer and Novem Sealer. Since 2011 we have the current look of our Innoseal® Sealer, and we keep improving and innovating.

Innoseal Family

Innoseal Europe works with reliable distributors all over the world to make sure everyone can get their hands on this magnificently simple solution. All our partners are key in spreading Innoseal worldwide. Are you interested in a partenership? Click here!

Are you located in the Americas?
Our direct partner Innoseal System Inc. located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is at your service.

The Tape Factory B.V. and The Tape Factory Inc. belong to the Innoseal Family as well. They are the specialist in bundling flowers and other objects which have a larger diameter. The same amazing tape (and paper) solution, fit for other specific needs.

Contact us!

Innoseal International
Hectorstraat 15
Tilburg, NL-5047 RE, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 489 2270

The Tape Factory B.V. – Home of the FreshSealer
Hectorstraat 15
Tilburg, NL-5047 RE, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 489 2272

Innoseal Americas
10625 Texland Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
Phone: + 866 958 4666

The Tape Factory Inc.
10625 Texland Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
Phone: + 866 958 4666


“Innoseal stands out from the crowd”

“We can trust it because it never keeps us hanging”

“We have tried other Sealers, but the trial period has come to an end with the Innoseal Sealer! Now that’s a system that has everything we expect from a Sealer”

“One of your employees sent us a larger Sealer, and my husband and I find it easier to use. The name shows up beautifully.”

“The smiley on the Sealer is right”

“We thank you for your constant help and for keeping us informed in order to receive your products as soon as possible.”

“The Inno-Sealer and tape are actually too good (we’ve been using it for 10,5 years)!”