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HeadQuarters – Company Details:

Company name: Innoseal Europe B.V.
Address: Hectorstraat 15,
5047 RE Tilburg,
Opening hours: 09.00 – 17.00 CET
Phone: +31 (0)85 489 2270
Company registration
CC: 24182019
VAT number: NL 0095.32.456.B01
Bank registration
Bank: Rabobank
Account number: NL76 RABO 0125564120
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Did you know we have resellers across the globe with their own unique approach and local customs? You can also visit Innoseal America’s webpage at This is our distributor for Innoseal products in the USA, Canada and Latin America. Tell us where you are located and we will search for the best Innoseal® candidate to give you the feeling of home.

The Innoseal Family has extended even further!

You can find the Innoseal® idea worked into the geniusly developed FreshSealer and XL-Sealers as well. The Tape Factory B.V. is fully powered by Innoseal and offers the same fantastic Tape and Paper combination, with the same strengths and qualities, but BIGGER! Invented especially for the floral industry, with its own USP’s, but you can also find it in markets broader than the imagination allows. Check out the FreshSeal here: (or in Dutch:

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    The Tape Factory B.V.

    Powered by Innoseal

    Need a Sealer for Flower bundling, or just a larger type Sealing solution? Take a look at our sister company, The Tape Factory B.V.
    The FreshSealer and XL-Sealer are especially developed to tape (and bundle) flowers.

    Both options provide a timesaving, user-friendly solution which maintains the quality of the flower without pinching the stems.

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