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What is an Innoseal® Sealer?

The Innoseal® Sealer is mostly a tool to help close you bags. But is also well suited for bundling all kinds of materials, think about cables or ropes. Recognizable from a distance because of the combination of paper and tape, and its modern look. Furthermore, the Sealers are made of high quality materials which are impact resistant. Every unique Sealer has his own color. As of now available in the colors; white, grey, black and neutral.

What is Innoseal® Refill?

The Innoseal® Refill consists of one roll of tape (No-PVC) and one roll of paper (= 1 set) . Unlike other similar solutions, Innoseal makes bag closing easier, and the seal is reusable. You can open and close your bag whenever ou want without knives or scissors involved; just follow the instructions on the paper tabs “Twist & Pull”. To reclose your bag, twist the neck of the bag, place the seal in the center, and attach it to the neck; stick the tabs together to enjoy the contents at your convenience. The paper is available in 7 colors, and making it very useful for color-coding. The Innoseal® Refill is designed to be a perfect combination with the Innoseal® Sealer and guarantees an optimal use.

How can I recognize an Innoseal® closure?

You can recognize an Innoseal® closure because of the combination of tape and paper. The paper is attached to the ends of the tape to get more grip and open the seal easily. The paper is printed with the instructions to open the bag; ‘Twist and Pull’.

What are the benefits of an Innoseal® closure?

The Innoseal closure has many benefits on alternative bag closing systems. The most important are;
– Easy to open
– Tamper evident
– Reclose able
– Air tight
– Food-safe
For all the advantages of the Innoseal® seal, take a look at the benefits on the website.

Which Sealer suits me best?

At Innoseal we honor differences.
Below, you see a table with the Sealer specifications to assist you in your choice.

In our ‘’helping hand’’ quiz, which you can find on the homepage, you get more insides on which Sealer is best fitted for your needs.

Do you prefer direct contact with one of our specialists? Contact us! ????

What is the difference between an L-Sealer and a Standard Sealer?

In terms of quality, there is no difference between the two types of Sealers.

There are two main differences between an L-Sealer and a Standard Sealer. The slot of an L-Sealer is 12 mm, allowing you to seal any type of bag, even those made of thicker material; the seal tabs are slightly longer, which means fewer closures available in a set of Refill, but better grip for all your customers. You can choose an L-Sealer in either gray or red variant, both with a transparent door.

Standard Sealers are slightly smaller than L-Sealers, their slot is 6 mm, and you can choose from four different types: Classic Sealer (entirely white), Clear Sealer (with a transparent door), RE-Sealer (black base, made of 100% recycled materials, with transparent lid), and All-over Black Sealer (entirely black, with a structure made of recycled materials).


How many closures can I make with one set of Refill?

Using one of our Standard Sealers (Classic, Clear, RE-Sealer, All-over black) you have around 850* closures, with a L-Sealer the possible closures are around 700*.

*Depending on several factors. The dimension of the Sealer and the thickness of the bag, among other things, play a major role in this.

What are the differences between the Innoseal® Refill 84 Sets and the Innoseal® Refill 28 sets?

You can order both the Innoseal Refill 84 set and 28 set in the Multicolor and Unicolor options. If you opt for the Multicolor option, you will receive all 7 colors (black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, and yellow), which will help you organize your products and have better control over FIFO (First In First Out). With the Unicolor solution, you can choose one of the 7 available colors, perhaps the one that best aligns with the identity of your business, and make your seals recognizable everywhere.

  • The first real difference between the 28 Refill sets and the 84 Refill sets lies in quantity: the former will get you 28 Sets of Refill, which means 28 rolls of tape and 28 rolls of paper (1 set = 1 roll of tape + 1 roll of paper), for a total amount of ±23.800 closures per box. While with the 84 Refill sets, you will have a box with 84 rolls of tape and 84 rolls of paper, totaling ±71.400 closures per box. To choose the best option for you, you need to consider the number of daily closures and the available storage space, although both solutions are designed to be compact.
  • Another difference is in the price. For the box with 84 Refill sets, whether Multicolor or Unicolor, the price remains the same. For the box with 28 sets, the price changes depending on the choice between Multicolor and Unicolor options. This is due to the different packaging process. To decide which quantity is the most suitable option for you, it is important to consider the number of closures made in a day. Refills have maximum yield in the first year of use, but they are still functional even after this period.

In general, we recommend opting for the 84 Refill Sets, even for a small business, for storage management and overall costs.
Would you like advice on which option is best for you? Contact us.

Multicolor Refill Sets. How can I use them?

Having a box of Multicolor Refill Sets means having paper rolls in all the 7 available colors (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black). This allows you to have a color-coded system for:

  • Organizing products according to the days of the week;
  • Dividing products based on different types of stock, for example, meat, fish, bread, etc.;
  • HACCP (or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points);
  • FIFO (First In First Out), meaning the first products that entered will also be the first to exit. It’s a method of categorizing perishable products, such as food items, that have an expiration date;
  • And anything else you can think of that a color can facilitate.
Which Refill Sets do I need for the L-Sealer?

The Refill Sets have one size only, so for the L-Sealer the Refill Sets are the same as those for the Standard Sealer. You can choose to order a box with 28 sets or one with 84 sets, depending on your needs and storage availability.

Can Innoseal® be customized?

Innoseal® offers different prices based on the level of customization required. Having a customized Innoseal product can occur on various levels. Our production takes place at our HQ in the Netherlands. Here we bring all the raw materials together to get as much control over our production and quality as possible.

Let’s explore the various customization possibilities:

We have an option for ‘’unicolor’’ paper (one color) from our color scheme. Useful if you want it to fit your corporate identity!

You can choose for the Inno-RE-set. This one can be written on with the supplied marker. With this, you can give your Sealer a personal design and make it unique. Think about a point of Sales or a grocery list.

We have the possibility to print the paper with your own logo, message or instructions. This option requires a minimum order quantity and investment costs.

For all your remaining questions about personalization, contact us!

How does Innoseal stand for quality?

At Innoseal quality comes first. With our innovative bag closing system we make sure you and your customers will feel qualitatively safe. All materials are specially selected to deliver the best quality. Each part is made in our own factory, so that everything can be coordinated down to the last detail. The parts are checked several times to see whether they meet the high quality requirements. Before the Sealers are sent we test them by making, at least, 10 trial closures. This includes checking whether the Sealer runs smoothly, all parts are assembled correctly, and, above all, whether the quality of the closure is good.

What makes the Innoseal Sealer in combination with the closure unique?

The Innoseal Sealer together with the closure is a unique combination and a synonym of quality. All the parts are adjusted to each other, the housing, the internal parts and the Refill. This combination provides many benefits for our Innoseal® Sealer:

  • Impact resistant
  • Time efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Closed housing
  • Suitable for all the circumstances
  • Safe
  • Always ready for the next closure
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stable
  • Prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Easy to use
  • Refillable with Innoseal Refill
  • Some lid are transparent – for a quicker view of when it is time to change the Refill
  • Can be secured to a tabletop

Do you want to know more about these benefits? Check them out here.

I am looking for a combo of Sealer and Refill. What’s the best option for me?

We have created various combo of Sealers and Refill to show you the many possibilities of combining a Sealer with a Refill Sets box that best suits your needs.

For those who want to get acquainted with our bag sealing system, we have designed the Inno-RE-Set. It’s a green and customizable solution. Inno-RE-Set is the perfect kit for beginners and consists of an RE-Sealer, with a black base made of recycled materials, 7 Limited Edition Innoseal Refill Sets, and a Edding marker. With this choice, you’ll help the environment and have the opportunity to personalize and recreate your Sealer whenever you want.

Furthermore, we also offer kits with larger quantities of Refills:

This is a unique deal that will provide you with enough stock for a good while! The set includes a discounted Innoseal L-Sealer and 2 boxes of 84 Refill Sets Multicolor. The L-Sealer has a 12mm slot, allowing you to seal various types of bags. There are approximately 700* closures per refill set.

With the Inno-boX, you have the opportunity to seal your bags with high-quality but low-cost closures. The kit consists of 20 X-Refill Sets and a free DIY X-Sealer (sold only in sets).

In addition to these, we have also created 4 options on our homepage that allow you to create your own kit. You can choose among:

  • Standard Starter’s Kit: a Sealer Standard of your choice + 28 Refill Sets;
  • Large Starter’s Kit: the L-Sealer Sealer you prefer + a box of 28 Refill Sets;
  • Standard Kit: one of our Standard Sealers + a box of 84 Refill Sets;
  • Large Kit: a L-Sealer Sealer chosen by you + a box of 84 Refill Sets.

*depends on the thickness of the bag neck

Why choose the Innoseal Supersize Kit instead of an L-Sealer with 84 Refills Set?

Although it’s possible to purchase an L-Sealer with a box of 84 Refill Sets, the Innoseal Supersize Kit would be a better option if you’re looking for a long-term solution. It’s a one-time purchase. The Innoseal Supersize Kit consists of 2 boxes of 84 Refill Sets Multicolor and a discounted L-Sealer. By purchasing it all at once, you save space and time, while also providing customers with the best experience possible for a long time!

What is a Service Set?

The Service Set is a kit that allows you to keep your Innoseal sealer forever. There are two different sizes: the Innoseal Standard Service Set, for Standard Sealers, and the L-Service Set, the L-Sealers.  It consists of a knife holder, a brake, two screws and a metal washer, plus one spoke wheel.

What is a Service Set used for?

This Service Set is perfect for you because it always ensures the highest quality for your Sealer. In the unlikely event of a breakage or loss of any internal parts of the device, you have this Service Set available and ready in case of an emergency.

What is a Bag Cutter?

We can refer to the Innoseal Bag Cutter by using synonyms, such as Cutter Block, Knife Block, Knife, Blade.

The Innoseal Bag Cutters are created to quickly cut the material in excess of the bags after the twisted part where you have put the seal. There are two sizes of Innoseal Cutter Blocks: one for the Standard Sealers (Classic Sealer, Clear Sealer, RE-Sealer, All-over Black Sealer) and one for the L-Sealers (grey variant and the Anniversary L-Sealer in red).  Each size fits only its corresponding Sealer. The knife can be easily placed in and removed from the Innoseal Bag Closing System. Caution! The blade is extremely sharp!

What is a Bag Cutter used for?

The Innoseal Bag Cutter is used to remove excess material from the bag after it has been sealed. The Innoseal Bag Cutter can be easily positioned in the rectangular opening of the Bag Sealer. Caution: the Bag Cutter has a very sharp blade, so be careful when inserting and removing it.

Please note: There are two sizes of Bag Cutters. The Standard Bag Cutter only fits Innoseal Standard Sealers, while the L-Bag Cutter only fits Innoseal L-Sealers.

Innoseal as manufacturer and exporter. What are the benefits for you?

Innoseal is the manufacturer and exporter of the patented Innoseal bag sealing system. Our machines, production, technical support, and management board are all located and operate from our HQ in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and this means we can pride:

  • A better control on production
  • Availability worldwide
  • Trustworthy network of distributors all over the world
  • A better communication system
  • Time savings
  • Cost efficiency
  • Specialism
  • Short lines between sales and production department


Where can I buy Innoseal® products?

You can buy Innoseal products woldwide.

The Headquarters of Innoseal® are located in The Netherlands (Tilburg) and in America (Charlotte, NC). However, we have partners all over the world who can help you.
Usually, it is cheaper to order via our partners, as they are nearer to you.
We recommend that you consult with your local customs office to determine the specific fees and taxes that may apply.
Are you curious of our partners in your region? Please contact us!

How can I order Innoseal® products?

As our customer, we like to give you the option which fits you best.
You have two options;
Order via reseller:
Innoseal operates worldwide, because of our distributors. With this option, we identify which of our partners is located near you, and can deliver your chosen products. We take care of the contact between you and our distributor. Usually, this is faster and cheaper.
If there isn’t a partner located in your area, we send a product-offer ourselves.
Add to cart:
If you choose ‘’add to cart’’ you will automatically place an order and directly goes to the payment screen.

How can I order Innoseal® products? What are the payment options?

The payment options are:

· Creditcard, both Visa and Mastercard
· Ideal (only for Dutch bank account holders)
· PayPal
· Bank transfer
· Klarna

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with the tracking number to track your order as soon as it is ready. In this way you are always able to check the status of the delivery. No tracking number? Contact us!

Buying Innoseal original products through a distributor or directly from Innoseal.shop?

You will always find Innoseal original products both at our distributors and on our website innoseal.shop. Buying Innoseal Products through a distributors means having personalized service and finding answers to all questions in your own language. This will allow you to have a more precise idea of what local customs duties are and to be more integrated into the market. In addition, our authorized distributors always have the best combination for you and, with their experience, can help you find the most reasonable option within the Innoseal assortment. Buying from a resellers also means promoting local businesses in your area.

If you cannot find an Innoseal reseller in your area, we will help you purchase Innoseal Products directly from our online store innoseal.shop. Buying directly online will give you access to the entire Innoseal assortment. Additionally, it offers you standardized conditions and payments. And, of course, we are always available and happy to answer your questions or doubts in the best possible way.

The choice is yours 🙂

Invoice request/ re-sent/ changes

For your invoice request/ re-sent/ changes, we advise you to send an email to info@innoseal.shop or call +31 (0)85 489 2270. Our staff can directly take a look and follow up with the needed actions.


What can you expect from our lifelong manufactures warranty?

A lifelong manufactures warranty is included when purchasing our Sealers (excl. X-Sealer), because we fully believe in the quality of our product. Our Sealers are made of amazingly strong materials and with normal use, it will not break.
If your Sealer does not work optimally, you can contact us and we will take a look together with you to make the Sealer work again. Usually, dirt is the cause of sub-optimal functionality of your Sealer and can easily been fixed.


What are the benefits of ordering through a distributor?

Ordering through a distributor has many benefits:

  • Purchasing Innoseal Original Products;
  • Having personalized service in your language;
  • Knowing local customs duties and having more integration into the market;
  • Always finding the perfect combination;
  • Being able to choose the best shipping option for you. This is the best cost-effective solution as the retailer is closer to you than us, and the retailer also knows which shipping company is the most reliable. We do not have the same experience and knowledge as you do in your market;
  • Increasing local business in your area;
  • Always having an answer for every question
I am looking for a distributor, what can I do?

If you are looking for a distributor, go on our shop page, click on the product you are interested, select the preferred quantity and press “Order via Reseller”;

  1. The product is added to the list
  2. Click on “Browse the list”
  3. Enter your information and submit the request!

We will receive your quote request and look for a distributor in your area. We will get in contact and connect you with them to proceed with your order.

Tip: if you don’t know which product to purchase, contact us!

What are the benefits of being a reseller?

Being a reseller with Innoseal means having many benefits. Cooperation and support are two important pillars in our partnership with new resellers. The expertise of our team is key to help you go the extra mile.
For more information, visit our reseller page or contact us!

How do I become a distributor?

Would you like to become a distributor and get more details about it?  We are always looking for new distributors. Call us or send an email to info@innoseal.shop, and let’s talk about all the possibilities!

Are you already the next ambassador of this amazing system?

After service

How to change Refill in Innoseal® Sealers?

To change Refill in Innoseal® Sealers, you just need a few minutes. Ready to go in 4 simple steps;

Step 1: Position one hand on top of the sealer and place fingertips under the lid. Lift up and pull forward.
Step 2: Load the tape with the sticky side up. Thread the tape through the opening, above the Spoke Wheel, and temporarily stick the tape to the top of the casing.
Step 3: To load the paper, assist the end of the paper roll into one of the Spoke Wheel ports (via the passage way, see arrow). To make sure it fits in the Spoke Wheel port turn the Spoke Wheel a half-a-click.
Step 4: Before you can use it you need to turn the Wheel until you hear a full click (counter clockwise). SEAL ON!

Look into at the instructions and/or video’s to see the steps and get extra tips and tricks.

How can I maintain my Innoseal® Sealer?

To maintain your Innoseal® Sealer and keep it hygienical and functional, give it a quick clean when changing Refill, or put the Sealer in the dishwasher. This makes sure your Sealer is hygienical and functional.
Please watch out for the knifeholder. The blade is extremely sharp.
Do you want to see how to best clean the Innoseal® Sealer?

How can I open the Innoseal® Closure?

You can open the Innoseal® seal in a blink of an eye. By following the instructions on the paper ‘’Twist and Pull’’, you make a tear in the paper. This will ensure that the ends can be separated easily.
If you want to reuse the closure, you need to make a new neck in the bag and place in the middle of the tape. Bring the ends of the paper together until it sticks together. Your bag is reclosed.
See how easy!

How do I mount the Innoseal Sealer?

To mount the Innoseal Sealer, remove the metal plate on the bottom by taking out the screws on both sides of the Sealer. Mount the foot on the desirable working place (the 4 little openings are to make it more easy). Screw the Sealer back on the bottom plate.
You are ready to go.
Rather watch a video for the explanation?

How to use the Innoseal Bag Cutter?

Thanks to the Innoseal Standard or L- Bag Cutter, you can easily cut off the excess material beyond the twisted part of the bag or sleeve. The Bag Cutter is easy to be put in and to be removed from your bag closing system:

How to position a Bag Cutter (video):

  1. Place the Cutter Block in the Cutter Block Opening
  2. Press to lock in place
  3. To remove the bag tail, seal and push towards the tape roll

How to remove a Bag Cutter (video):

  1. Lightly twist the lid
  2. Push outward

The Cutter Block gets rid of the bag tail in a heartbeat with its blade, but be careful, it is extremely sharp! There are two different Bag Cutters, one for our Standard Sealers and one for the L-Sealers, and they can only fit Innoseal Sealers.

I ordered the wrong product. What can I do?

We are here for you. If your ordered the wrong product, contact us! Send an email to sales@innoseal.shop or call us at +31(0)854892270.

For a faster response, we suggest you to call us directly.

What if I lost the internal parts of my Sealer?

If one of the internal parts of the Sealer is lost, the Innoseal® Service Set is your emergency kit with all the internal parts of the dispenser. The service set consists of one knifeholder, one brake, two screws and a metal washer, plus one spoke wheel.

Available for both L-Sealers and Standard Sealers.

How can I clean my Sealer?

Any Innoseal Sealer is dishwasher-safe and it can also be easily cleaned by hand, with a damp cloth or water. Always remember to remove the tape and paper rolls, the spoke wheel, the brake, the screws, and the knife holder from the Sealer. For the X-Sealer, most of the steps are the same, but if you want to wash it in the dishwasher, remember this:

How to wash the X-Sealer?

The X-Sealer, like our other Sealers, can be washed in the dishwasher. Cleaning it is simple, just disassemble it. Be careful not to wash it at a temperature higher than 58˚ C. This is necessary to maintain its qualities and make it work at its best. We also recommend washing it once with every Refill change.

Extra information

For what purposes can I use the Innoseal® Sealer?

An Innoseal Sealer is mostly used for closing bags, but it can also been used for other purposes, like bundling, organizing and labeling.
Which make it widely applicable in many markets; bakery, butcher, candystore, deli, pet stores, artisans ect.

Why are the Innoseal Sealers made of plastic?

Quality is everything. With this in mind the Innoseal Sealers are made of ABS plastic, because there is no better alternative in its functionality. This kind of plastic is sturdy, rust-free, light, flexible in its applicability and easy to clean.

Which parts are made of recycled materials?

Recyclability and the use of recycled materials are becoming more and more important. The cores of our Refill are made of recycled plastic. And from now on, the black base of the RE-Sealer (excl. the clear lid and the internal parts),and the lid and the base of the All-over Black Sealer (excl. the internal parts) are made of these same recycled materials.

Innoseal.com or Innoseal.shop?

Innoseal.com is the website of the US office (Innoseal System Inc.). Innoseal.shop is the website of the Dutch head office and manufacturer of the official Innoseal products (Innoseal Europe B.V.). The rest of the world can browse our webshop to order products or get in touch with resellers all over the world.

Innoseal Europe B.V. and Innoseal System Inc. have both offices, we are active in different markets. If you live in America, Canada or Latin America, you can order your Innoseal Products here.

Delivery and returns

What is the delivery time?

Delivery will be done anywhere between day 2-25 after ordering, as this is totally upto your location and shipping schedules, which we can unfortunately not controle. We always do our best to make sure you get your products in hands as fast as possible. We ship your orders within 1-3 working days after receiving your order. We will update you along the way and are here for any questions you may have!

When your product is ready to leave our premises, we will contact you with your own track and trace. With this you can keep a close eye or your order and an up-to-date delivery time. Did you not receive the Track and Trace, please send an email to info@innoseal.shop, we will came back to you soonest.
We also keep a close eye on your package and will contact you if we see some problems.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs can differentiate per area. The table below is an overview to get an idea of your specific shipping costs.
After you have filled in your delivery address, you will get the official shipping costs.

Land/Region Costs

The Netherlands €10,-
EU 1
Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg
EU 2
Austria, Spain, France, Italie, Denmark, Sweden
EU 3
Eastern Europe, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland
Africa €45,-
Asia €45,-
Australia en New Zeeland €50,-
My order did not arrive or was lost

First of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please contact us as soon as possible. We will seek contact with our transporter and hopefully give you clarity as soon as possible, as well as find a fitting solution to get the product to you.

Who pays for the return shipping costs?

The return shipping costs are for your own account, and so dependent on your choice of shipping company.

How can I receive a refund for my order?

We are sorry that our product did not meet your expectations. You can receive a refund for your order by returning the package within 14 days of receiving it. Please add the return form to the products. After receiving the package, we will transfer the money to your account, depending the choice of payment. You got an email with this form but you can also find one on our website.


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