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Tape & Paper;
Easy to open, easy to close, tamper evident, fast AND effortless!


Combining the best of all worlds in hygiene and food safety.

Lower costs

Costs are kept low thanks to our specialized knowledge put into the innovation of Innoseal® on a daily.

Constant and consistent innovation, any chance we get

Innoseal® Sealers and Refill for all your bag closing, tagging, sealing and organizing needs.

Tape and Paper, it’s that easy!
Smiles are created throughout the chain with this patented system that provides a unique combination of paper and tape closure. Produced in the Netherlands but creating change globally.


What’s not to love?!


Keeping sustainability and environmental interests at heart, Innoseal strives to combine practical solutions with the future in mind.

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Innoseal prides itself on the innovation and quality we put in our Sealers and Refill.

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Time efficient

Your bag is closed in the blink of an eye, save time to focus on more important things in life.

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It's that easy!

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The Original INNOSEAL®, high quality closing systems are delivered to you, thanks to the best qualitative partners we can find.
Practical purchasing can in fact be fun and satisfying.

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Innoseal Completely Compact bundle

Standard Starter’s Kit

With good basics, you’ll have endless options.
This compact option got you a Sealer which can close bags to 6 mm and approx. 25200 closures

Bundle content
  • Innoseal Refill 28 Sets
  • Standard Sealer
Normal:  130,40
Bundle price:  130,- (excl. VAT) View more
Small round bundle

Large Starter’s Kit

A versatile Sealer with a small box of Refill.

Bundle content
  • Innoseal Refill 28 Sets
  • Innoseal L-Sealer
Normal:  141,40
Bundle price:  140,- (excl. VAT) View more

Standard Kit

Our 2 most sold products combined. Enough Refill for unlimited sealing and a standard Sealer which can close up to 70% of the bags on the market

Bundle content
  • Innoseal Refill 84 Sets
  • Standard Sealer
Normal:  262,40
Bundle price:  245,- (excl. VAT) View more

Large Kit

Endless possibilities.
Try out where the limits are. Our most versatile Sealer and a big box of Refill. Let’s go big!

Bundle content
  • Innoseal Refill 84 Sets
  • Innoseal L-Sealer
Normal:  273,40
Bundle price:  255,- (excl. VAT) View more

How to Open and Re-Close an Innoseal Seal!

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