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The closure offers huge advantages; it goes around the twist of a bag in an instant and is easy to open and reclose, for young or elderly, no damage to the package.

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TWIST and PULL – It’s that easy.
One set of Refill consists of one roll of tape and one roll of paper. The Refill sets are available in 7 colors.
The Innoseal Sealer with its special Refill is considerably cheaper that other bag closing solutions. Alternatives are not really comparable with the quality Innoseal stands for. Your customers will open their bag with a smile.
Available directly in the shop, or from one of our distributors locally in your area, that we will happily connect you with.

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For the young or elderly, no damage to your package; this risk-free bag closing solution keeps you and your cutomers smiling and asking for more.
The specially designed, innovative closure which combines Paper and Tape is not only tamper evident, it is also very easy-to-open, yet reusable and once you seal it on; it’s basically airtight!
Combine your Sealer of choice with Refill, or opt for some Innoseal extra’s while you’re at it..

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