Innoseal® – the innovative bag sealing solution.
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​Our one-of-a-kind, patented system combines tape seals with paper tabs, to create an easy-to-open, hygienic, tamper-evident seal that’s even reusable.

Ecological, economical and elementary!

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Innoseal® Standard Classic Sealer
Refill 28 sets
Innoseal® Inno-boX
Innoseal® Inno-RE-set
Innoseal® Anniversary set
Innoseal L-Bag Cutter
You do not know you need it until you have it. This large Bag Cutter Block is especially customized for the Innoseal® L-Sealer. The Large Bag Cutter makes it possible to easily cut off remaining material you have after the twisted part of the bag or sleeve. The cut will be clean and fast thanks to the blade. Caution! The knife is extremely sharp!
 15,- (excl. VAT)
Innoseal Standard Service Set
L-Service Set for L-Sealers

Innoseal – The best kept secret in the packaging industry, and a gem in a variety of markets; from mom-and-pop store to production facilities and many more.

Within our niche, we have our own special focus on what’s really important: easy and safe package opening. Standing out by critically reviewing our own product and continuing to innovate to remain the best bag closing system for you. Research and development at its finest.

The Original INNOSEAL® is a high quality closing system delivered to you directly, thanks to the best qualitative partners we can find.

Practical purchasing can in fact be fun and satisfying. Try it out today!

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