Privacy statement

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that FMM Holding BV (the umbrella organization of the entities: De Maak Fabriek BV, Innoseal Europe BV and The Tape Factory BV) processes of its customers, suppliers, employees and other parties.
The next privacy statements apply to all four entities, and will be collectively referred to as “FMM”.

1. Necessity data-processing personal data
We must process your personal data in order to carry out our activities properly and to realize agreements with you.

2. What data does FMM process and for what purpose
2.1 .1 The following personal data are processed in the context of debtors and creditors:
a) first and / or last name , possibly sex
b) address details; possibly postal address / billing address / delivery address
c) business telephone-number(s), e-mail address(es), bank-account number(s), VAT number(s) and Chamber of Commerce number(s)
d) sales / purchasing and communication history

2.2 FMM processes the personal data referred to in 2.1 for the following purposes:
a) your name, address, telephone number and email address will be used to contact you on (made or not made) sales or purchases, and any communication related thereto. The information you have obtained will not be provided to third parties unless you explicitly give permission for this.
b) your name, address, email address and phone-number and are used to send goods and / or information about services, and FMM activities.
c) your name and bank-account number is used to make payments, for purchased goods and services, or to settle credits.

2.3 Your name and telephone number and / or e-mail address will be used to up to 7 years after the end of the last sent agreement, to inform about the developments of FMM and to ask about your experiences and / or wishes regarding cooperation, sales, purchasing, and other reasons for communication that have been fueled by specific motives.

E- mail notification (opt-out):
INNOSEAL may use e-mail address (and name) to send you e-mail newsletters with information about activities, services and other interesting information about INNOSEAL. Cancellation for these types of mailings is possible at any time by sending us a reply email to with the text “Opt-out INNOSEAL Newsletters”.

3. Storage periods
FMM processes and stores the personal details of debtors and creditors for the duration of the clientele, or our active business with your company, up to a maximum of 7 years after the last sale / purchase. Subsequently, the personal data is anonymized.
Manifested interest from (potential) customers or suppliers, shown in / by FMM, will be retained for a maximum of 2 years after the last written moment of contact.

With regard to the processing and storage of personal data of employees, these are stored for up to 5 years after the last working day at the company.
The contact details of potential job-applicants who have been rejected, will be removed immediately. If agreed with the applicant (in writing), CVs will be saved for a maximum of 2 years.

4 . Security and processors
4.1 FMM protects your personal data appropriately, by taking adequate technical and organizational measures.

4.2 FMM uses third party services for the processing of personal data, so-called processors. We have processing contracts with the processors we work with.

5 . Right of inspection, removal and questions or complaints
5 .1 Via the administration of FMM can you submit a request to view, receive, modify or delete your personal data. FMM will treat your request, within two weeks of receipt, and will inform about the progress.

5 .2 If you wish to object to the (further) processing of your personal data as referred to in Article 2, you can also contact the administration.

5.3 If you have complaints about how FMM processes your personal information or about how your requests have been treated, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

5 .4 Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can be directed to our administration:

6 . Modifications
This Privacy Policy may be changed. The changes will be announced via, or you can ask for the newest version by sending an e-mail. We advise you to regularly view the Privacy Policy.