We are approaching our destination! Last things to pack and then Innoseal is ready to take off to IBA 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionary industry!

This milestone of the trade fairs {https://www.iba-tradefair.com/en/messe/general-information-services/about-iba/} will run from October 22nd to October 26th 2023, in the beautiful city of Munich at the Masse München. As a leading pioneer in food packaging solutions, Innoseal is eagerly looking forward to showcasing its state-of-the-art products and connecting with industry professionals, businesses, and food enthusiasts from around the globe. After three years IBA is ready to start again in person and we can’t wait to be there to introduce and demonstrate all the wonders of our unique system.

As we are not far away from the starting date, here are more information about it!

Booth Details: If you plan to attend the IBA, we invite you to visit Booth B1.570, where our Innoseal team will be there to provide detailed demonstrations, address your queries, and introduce you to our revolutionary packaging solutions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness firsthand how Innoseal’s products can completely transform your food packaging process, enhancing efficiency and ensuring the utmost freshness and security for your products.
Interested in our assortment? Download our product brochure here or visit our webshop!

Discover Innoseal’s Innovative Packaging Solutions: Innoseal Europe for more than 25 years has grown and built a strong reputation for its innovative packaging solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the food industry (learn more here).  Any baking or confectionary industry can rely on our cutting-edge products can streamline your packaging process and provide an unparalleled level of convenience and reliability. Featuring our patented Innoseal closure, our solutions offer a unique, tamper-evident, and airtight seal that enhances product freshness and extends shelf life. With its user-friendly design, it enables quick and effortless sealing, making it the ideal choice for high-volume food packaging operations. Additionally, Innoseal‘s packaging solutions embrace eco-friendliness, utilizing minimal materials and reducing waste, thereby aligning with the industry’s growing demand for sustainable practices.

Connect with Industry Experts: IBA is the world’s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionary industry. By visiting Innoseal’s booth, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to connect with industry experts, engage in insightful conversations, and stay updated with the latest advancements in food packaging technology. Forge connections with fellow professionals, network effectively, and gain valuable insights that can drive your business forward.

See You There! Follow the link to register and get a FREE ticket! As a highly valued member of our community, we would be absolutely delighted to welcome you at IBA and present the exciting innovations offered by Innoseal. Remember to mark your calendars for October 22nd to October 26th 2023 at the Messe München, and make a point to visit Booth B1.570 to explore our exceptional packaging solutions. Experience firsthand how Innoseal’s products can revolutionize your packaging process, elevate your product quality, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Food manufacturer, distributor, agent, retailer, mom and pop shop, store, webshop, foodie, or simply passionate about the baking and confectionary world, IBA is THE event not to be missed.
Join Innoseal at this prestigious, eye-opening get-together and unlock a realm of possibilities in food packaging innovation.
We’re awaiting your presence at IBA in Munich. See you at Booth B1.570!

In case you are not able to visit our booth in Munich get inspired by the various testimonials and try it out for yourself with an Innoseal® Starter Kit!

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