Only one month to go! – IBA 2023

The world’s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionary industry, IBA, is back and we at Innoseal are getting ready to attend such a great event!  
Save the date! IBA is welcoming exhibitors and visitors next October 22nd – 26th 2023 in Munich, at the Messe München, and Innoseal is waiting for you at our special booth B1.570!  

So, why should you make it a point to visit Innoseal’s booth at IBA?  
Let us give you some compelling reasons   

  • Get to know our worldwide leading company: discover how Innoseal became a renowned brand and company for bag closing systems and how we continue to push the boundaries of innovation.  
  • Experience unparalleled speed: take a moment to breathe in, and then, while breathing out, witness the magic as you push your bag seamlessly through our sealing system. Innoseal’s efficient Sealers will have your bags closed in a heartbeat.   
  • Tamper evidence: see for yourself the difference between our paper and tape (no-PVC) seals and other closures on the market. We prioritize tamper-evident solutions to ensure the safety and integrity of your products.   
  • Ease of opening: try opening our Innoseal closures! Thanks to the original design, which combines tape and paper, they are effortless to open while maintaining the seal’s integrity.  
  • Resealable convenience: After verifying how smoothly our seals open, it is time to close them again, and again… Experience the resealable nature of Innoseal closures, providing ultimate convenience for your bagged products.  
  • Expand your network: connect with our team and explore potential collaborations. Become part of the Innoseal global family

Don’t miss this chance to witness firsthand the game-changing bag closing solution that has been creating waves in the industry. Join us next October 22nd – 26th 2023, Booth B1.570 IBA in Munich, where we will shape the future of baking and confectionary industries, one sealed bag at a time. Experience the unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and safety that Innoseal brings to the world of bag sealing technology.   

See you at IBA 2023! 

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