As we scroll through our newsfeeds, environmental issues seem to be making headlines more frequently than ever before. One of the primary offenders that has come under scrutiny is plastic.

Plastic has been a game-changer in terms of technological advancement and improved our quality of life. On one hand, it is impossible to imagine a life without plastic ; on the other hand, the harsh reality is that our unchecked usage of this material is wreaking havoc on the environment.

The responsible one is not plastic itself, but our careless and reckless use of it. As Joan Hanegraaf, CEO of OPACKGROUP for over 50 years, says in his interview, plastic is the cheapest option and the most efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions, we just need to be careful that it does not end in the environment.  We need to start rethinking our relationship with this material and, the tit-for-tat policy, continues Hanegraaf,  is the only way to prevent that people keep throwing [plastic] waste in the street.

One of the biggest culprits is PVC plastic. Although it might be versatile and cheap, the toxic chemicals used to make it are incredibly harmful to both the environment and human health. (learn more about it here

Another critical issue is single-use plastic, which has become an emblem of our throwaway culture. This type of plastic is not recyclable, or it is used for a short time before being discarded.

It looks like there is no way out. Many materials, considered unsustainable, result in high bills and taxes. However, making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives can sometimes feel like a daunting task, with high prices and taxes associated with them. Many lies have been told about plastic, confirms also Joan Hanegraaf and further ahead in his interview claims that choosing alternatives for plastic is not always the best choice. These alternatives deteriorate faster and unavoidably you are producing much more waste than before. Take cardboard clips for packaging, for example. It’s often touted as a more sustainable option, but is it really? Often, the “cardboard alternatives” are not only paper, but a mix of materials which does not make them 100% recyclable in the paper bin. Recycling paper takes much longer than plastic; furthermore it is recyclable only when it is dry and clean, as the KIDV newsletter points out.

We understand the importance of these environmental questions and have taken them to heart. At Innoseal, we have developed our products with sustainability in mind and with a commitment for a better future.

With no discounts on quality and service  as our values, our bag closing system is one of the most sustainable choices on the market. Our innovative closure is PVC-free, so you can rest assured that it is safe for both human health and the environment. It’s also reusable, allowing you to close and open your bags repeatedly, without wasting. In comparison to bags closed with a cardboard closure, Innoseal seals ensure functionality also after defrosting products. Can this be said also for bags closed with the cardboard clip?

The closure is not the only one involved in our process to build a better future; we are also committed to making our Sealers eco-friendly. The core parts of our paper and tape rolls, and some housing of our Sealers, are made of recycled materials, making them robust, easy to clean, and anti-rust. By choosing Innoseal, you are investing in a product that can last a lifetime, and the longer you have it, the less waste is produced, the better it is for the environment. It is also possible to hand wash our Sealers, ensuring their longevity and sustainability.

Not convinced yet? Innoseal has got you covered with our RE-Sealer, our greenest solution yet! This amazing product has is structure made from 100% recycled materials, proving that eco-friendliness can also be stylish. The sleek black base of the bag closing system will make you feel modern and the transparent lid allows you to easily see when recharges are needed. By using the RE-Sealer in combination with our reusable Innoseal closures, you can act 100% sustainably.

Check out the incredible benefits of Innoseal for yourself, and take the first step towards a greener future today!

We know that changing the future is not one-person job, we all need to contribute. But often, just a small change can create a ripple effect and inspire others to make a difference.

Switch to a greener future – for your business, the climate, and future generations.

Let’s give plastic a second chance and choose Innoseal.

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