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The story of a consumer

Focussing on the B2B markets. But also used by many customers too full satisfaction. So now and then, there are some clients who send us a review, which turns a smile on our face.

“Over the years, we have very much enjoyed the small INNO-SEALER & the following NOVEM SEALR. I’d use them daily to, among other things, seal my lunch bags for in the car.

I never had to wash a container at the end of the day.”

Developing on optimizing usability and problem-solving, is a large part of our business operation over the years. The Mini Sealer, Novem Sealer and the current Innoseal Sealer are designed with eye for efficiency.

“Both models also have their own limitations!

The exterior of the NOVEM SEALER is very thick!

The Mini SEALER is nice and narrow, however if you were looking to SEAL multiple packages in one go, it had one big con: it didn’t always SEAL neatly, resulting in having to open the machine!!!! (and get it back to working order)”

Innovate means making improvement on every new model. The confirmation of a customer, which works with the different Sealers, make us to look  back positive.

“Since 24-07-2015, we have had our current model…

The machine (24,5 wide x 13 cm tall) almost never hampers! It is also easy to open the machine; a must for when Refill needs replacement.

There’s no sticky residue on the cutterblock, even though the tape is from at least 2015 (almost 8 years old)…

The smiley on the Sealer sure is earned!!

The INNO-SEALER and Tape are actually a little too good (we’ve been using it for 10.5 years)

For the foreseeable future, (and the years to come) we will surely be set with only some extra Refill”

Buid with care and experience let us feel confident about our products. Offering a lifelong guarantee as a result. The Innoseal Sealers are made to last

We are curious to hear about the experience of our users. Without you, we cannot continue to innovate and develop. Do you have feedback for us? We’d love to hear it!

Contact us via email, phone, or social media.

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