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Solar panels, together with other renewable resources, combat climate changes by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.
We dispose of a free source of electricity that can provide, potentially, infinite supply of power and light and does not harm the planet. Every spark of solar-panel electricity is produced without carbon dioxide emissions and air pollutants. This means that the contribute that these instruments can give to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has a great importance.

Apart from being an important turning point to reduce CO2 emissions, photovoltaic panels can have a zero impact on the environment since they can be made 100% of recycled materials. Solar panels are made of solar cells, which are usually made of silicon, a semiconductor that is the second most available element on the planet. The electrons that enter the cells are not stationary, but they always come and then go back, this make them, potentially, last for decades.

The Netherlands, always known as an environmental-focused country, despite his cloudy and rainy weather, could rely on solar energy for 50% of its power needs. According to a study conducted in 2018 by Deloitte-eco, there are 892 km2 of roof surface suitable for solar panels in the Netherlands, an equivalent of 125.000 soccer fields. The installation of solar panels on every suitable roof not only would benefit the environment, by reducing the CO2 emission of 20%, but it would be also an incentive for the Dutch solar industry to develop.

solar pannels on the roof of our factoryWith the years passing, the Netherlands has been growing in the solar energy industry, becoming the ‘unquestionable solar energy leader’ of 2022, to quote the article on written by Kira Taylor and Sofia Stuart Leeson, registering a growth of 38% more than 2021.

In 2023, many Dutch individuals, cooperatives and companies are contributing to a better future and implementing Solar panels, as it happened not far away from Amsterdam, where a 25m-tall hill was covered with 23.000 solar panels, and farmers are doing the same.

Solar pannels on the roof of our warehouseAs many are making an effort for a brighter future, since August 2020, we at Innoseal pride to be fully sustainable. 274 solar panels were installed on the roof of our company in Tilburg thanks to the company Devcon ecosystems. Today we celebrate our growth in sustainable energy, three years later after that August 2020, we added more solar panels, enough to be completely reliant on them.

Our dedication to the environment extends beyond words; it’s ingrained in every aspect of our operations. Our products are sustainable (read more about it here:,made to last for a lifetime and have some part made of recycled materials we pay attention to recycle and to a conscious use of the resources we have, and as icing on the cake, our solar panels help us to have a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Check out our LinkedIn page for a video on what reducing, reusing, and recycling means to us and how you can be part of this positive change.

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