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Innoseal Inno-boX

Unique in its simplicity and in its price. The robust and industrial look, created by the open core and natural color, is an eye catcher. Save up and provide always the best qualitative bag closing solution at the same time! Do It Yourself!

Patented combination
Effortless closing
Perfectly matched

Innoseal Inno-boX

 150,- (excl. VAT)

A FREE build-it-yourself X-Sealer and 20 Sets X-Refill make the Innoseal Inno-boX one of a kind. This bag closing system is the right choice for you, if you are looking for the Innoseal quality tape and paper closure whilst an economical solution. Choose always the most customer-friendly closure at low costs.


On a budget

  • With a 6 mm slot for exceptional seals.
  • 20 Sets of Refill with ± 7000* closures per set.
  • The tape and paper combination of the original Innoseal closures shows clearly tamper attempts, in this way you will quickly know if somebody broke the seal before you.
  • Easy to clean and washed by hand.
  • An economical choice because 10 closures cost you less than €0,01.
  • DIY-assembly instructions inside the box to build your X-Sealer easily.
  • The X-Sealer and X-Refill are products as a complete set, ensuring that our customers receive the optimal performance and value from both products.
  • To keep away the dirt and to save the freshness of the contents, the Innoseal closures are made to be airtight.
  • The closure composed of tape and paper, aided by the instructions “Twist and Pull” on the paper, which facilitates the opening of the seal.
  • It is possible to close and open again the closures to enjoy the contents of the bag later.

* Depends on the neck of the bag

SKU: 1304
Dimensions Sealer: 370 mm x 170 mm x 226 mm
Dimension Slot: 6 mm
Weight: 8400 grams

1Prices exclude VAT or other taxes transport, ex- and import duties, etc. Ask us for details.

Additional information

Weight 8,4 kg
Dimensions 37 × 17 × 22,6 cm

One set of Refill consists of one roll of tape and one roll of paper. A compact single set consists of approx. 900* closures. The print on the paper gives the instructions ‘’Twist & Pull’’, to open the closure easily. The paper shows if there is a rip or tear which makes the closure tamper evident and food grade safe. There is a huge advantage these closures offer; it goes around the twist of a bag in an instant and is easy to re-open and re-close, for young or elderly, no damage to the package. Keeping your goods fresh and secure. This is very much appreciated by end-users, they can finally open any of your bags in one movement and without annoyance. Plus, this closure is swallow safe – no choking hazard for your kids or elderly family, or chance of internal damage if swallowed.

The Refill sets are available with a color code system in paper print; with a fixed color for each day of the week. These can be ordered together as a package (Multi Color), but it also comes in Uni color variants (one of our 7 colors, to fit your corporate identity for instance).

The Innoseal® Sealer with its special Refill is considerably cheaper than other bag closing systems. Alternatives are not really comparable with the quality Innoseal stands for – nor are the other options as economical.
Innoseal is the sustainable system, in more ways than one. Many other systems use PVC tape, while Innoseal® uses a rubber solvent tape, which guarantees a perfect closure and is less harmful to the environment. To go on, the closures are significantly smaller and more time-efficient than other closures. This not only leads to less residual waste, but also the closures take much less place than other closing systems.
The individual rolls of an Innoseal® Refill set can easily be placed in the bag closing machines, because they only fit into the base in one certain way.
*depends on the thickness of the bag