Classic and Stylish

The one that started it all, it’s a classic.
This unique professional bag closing system continues to provide a smile on everyone’s face, at food companies, supermarkets, industrial businesses, etc.
Are you ready for a life changing system?

Effortless closing
Impact resistance

Innoseal Classic Sealer

 54,50 (excl. VAT)

The Classic Sealer has a completely white exterior. With its ergo-dynamic design, you will feel the joy of a quick, hygienic and efficient sealing experience at your fingertips.

Quantity Price
1  54,50
2 - 5  52,50
6 - 11  49,50
12+  43,50


Sleek and bright

  • The Classic Sealer’s exterior provides a hygienic feel, and is easy to clean.
  • With the 6 mm slot you can easily close bags within a blink of an eye.
  • The special designed, innovative closure which combines paper and tape is tamper evident, easy to open, reusable and airtight.
  • An economical choice, because of the lifetime durability of the Sealer and the compact Refill rolls with ± 900 closures per set*.
  • The Sealer can resist frost, heat and humid environments.

* Depends on the neck of the bag

SKU: 2001
Dimensions Sealer: 245 mm x 68 mm x 130 mm
Dimension Slot: 6 mm
Weight: 625 grams

Quantity Price per item Total price
1 € 54,50 € 54,50
2 € 52,50 € 105,00
3 € 52,50 € 157,50
4 € 52,50 € 210,00
5 € 52,50 € 262,50
6 € 49,50 € 297,00
7 € 49,50 € 346,50
8 € 49,50 € 396,00
9 € 49,50 € 445,50
10 € 49,50 € 495,00
11 € 49,50 € 544,50
12 € 43,50 € 522,00

1Prices exclude VAT or other taxes transport, ex- and import duties, etc. Ask us for details.

Additional information


The Innoseal Sealer differentiate themselves through their high-quality design. This ingeniously simplistic piece of engineering has won over the hearts (and minds) of many supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, candy shops, fruit- and vegetable processors, coffee and tea shops, (health) food businesses and others who sell fresh products. Besides it being extremely useful for fresh goods, the Innoseal® bag closer is also seen as the essential closing system used in hardware stores, pet shops and an amazing variety of production facilities. It is safe to say, the Innoseal® Sealer is super handy for use at home too.

The housing of the Sealer is impact resistant, trustworthy and dishwasher friendly. Furthermore, our Sealers are stable, easy-to-use, hygienic, and without loose parts.

The specially designed, innovative closure which combines paper and tape is tamper evident, easy-to-open, reusable and airtight.

Benefits of the Innoseal® Sealer
• Sturdy and never hampers
• Safe and quick
• Corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe
• Re-open and re-close the seal without scissors or knife
• Airtight closure
• Products stay fresh longer
• Tamper-evident closure, you can see if it has been opened before – food safety
• Economical choice compared to other closures
• Lifetime factory warranty
• Relatively heavy for more stability and sturdiness
• Completely closed housing, minimizing dirt and filth
• No more loose parts or core holders that are easily lost while closing a bag
• Maintenance-friendly
• Ergo-dynamic
• Prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
• Easy to use and reload
• Transparent lid enables you to see when to change rolls
• Can be secured to a tabletop with screws into the bottom plate; against theft and for extra stability