Innoseal L-Service Set
For Innoseal L-Sealers

The chance that your Innoseal® Sealer breaks down with normal use is next to nil. However, there is always chance of unfortunate events, maybe a small spring has gone missing with a cleaning service. In that case you can order this Innoseal® Service Set for large Sealers.

Extra comfort
Easy breezy

Innoseal L-Service Set

 15,- (excl. VAT)

The L-Service Set consists of one large knifeholder, one brake, two screws and a metal washer, plus one large spoke wheel. This Service Set will only fit into the Innoseal® L-Sealer.


Enjoy better service, longer

  • Only fitted for the L-Sealer; if you are not sure please contact us!
  • Everything you need to replace the interior of your Sealer.
  • Helps when parts are missing or broken.
  • High quality.
  • Also available for the Standard Sealers.

SKU: 3015

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Additional information


Innoseal® is the specialist in bagclosing- and bundling- systems. To provide a fitted solution, we created Cutterblocks and Service Sets fitted in our Sealers.

The Innoseal® Cutterblocks (known as; knifeblocks) are created to cut the surplus off the bags. The knife can easily been placed in the opening of the Innoseal® Sealer. The Cutterblock is available in two sizes; for the Standard Sealer (consisting of the Classic Standard Sealer, Clear Sealer and the Re-Sealer) and the L-Sealers (consisting of the gray variant and the Anniversary L-Sealer). On our media-page we show you, how easy it is to use!

Service sets
To guarantee the quality of the Sealers you can use the Innoseal® Service Set. This set contains the interior (lose parts) of the Sealer, in case you need to replace them. The Service Set is available in two sizes; for the Standard Sealers and the L-Sealers.