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Innoseal Clear Sealer

With a transparent lid and its ultimate design, the Innoseal Clear Sealer gives you a glassy view of when it is time to refill and of its interior. Always with a closed housing to keep it flawless.

This Sealer provides a unique bag closing solution to many markets, like food companies, supermarkets, industrial businesses and much more.

Effortless closing
Impact resistance

Innoseal Clear Sealer

 54,50 (excl. VAT)

Worry less and pack more! The Clear Sealer has a sophisticated look and the same great quality of the Classic Sealer. The clear lid grants you a quick view of the Refill and interior whilst still keeping a closed housing to keep it spotless.

This bag closing system consists of a Sealer with a transparent lid, a tape roll and a paper roll (pre-loaded).

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1  54,50
2 - 5 3.67 %  52,50
6 - 11 9.17 %  49,50
12+ 20.18 %  43,50


Benefits Clear Sealer

The choice is Crystal Clear

  • With the transparent lid you can easily see when you are about to run out of Refill.
  • The Sealer you will receive has already in it a roll of tape (PVC-Free) and a roll of paper (= 1 set Refill).
  • The bag sealing system is ready to be used as soon as it arrives to you, and there is no need to be assembled.
  • It has a 6 mm slot for you to be able to close bags fast and comfortably.
  • Your choice that will save your money and your time, because we offer you a Sealer with a lifetime durability and the compact Refill rolls with  ± 850* closures per set.
  • No-sweat opening of the Sealer that can be unmistakably reloaded.
  • Can be cleaned easily by hand.
  • Rust-free, maintaining this Innoseal bag closing system is easy as it is dishwasher safe.
  • The closed housing makes the Sealer resistant to frost, heat, and humid environments.
  • Tape and paper are combined in a unique and innovative seal that is tamper evident, it is visible if someone tried to open the bag before you.
  • The airtight seals are made for you to enjoy you goods always fresh and clean.
  • The seal is easy to open with the instructions “Twist and Pull” on the paper to open your bag quickly.
  • You can open and close your bags as much as you want. The closure is reusable; put it around the twisted neck of your bag, pinch its tabs back together and keep your contents fresh and safe for later.

* Depends on the neck of the bag

SKU: 2002
Dimensions Sealer: 245 mm x 70 mm x 130 mm
Dimension Slot: 6 mm
Weight: 625 grams

Quantity Price per item Total price
1 € 54,50 € 54,50
2 € 52,50 € 105,00
3 € 52,50 € 157,50
4 € 52,50 € 210,00
5 € 52,50 € 262,50
6 € 49,50 € 297,00
7 € 49,50 € 346,50
8 € 49,50 € 396,00
9 € 49,50 € 445,50
10 € 49,50 € 495,00
11 € 49,50 € 544,50
12 € 43,50 € 522,00

1Prices exclude VAT or other taxes transport, ex- and import duties, etc. Ask us for details.

Additional information

Weight 0,825 kg
Dimensions 24,5 × 7 × 13 cm

The Innoseal Sealers differentiate themselves through their high-quality design. This ingeniously simplistic piece of engineering has won over the hearts (and minds) of many supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, candy shops, fruit- and vegetable processors, coffee and tea shops, (health) food businesses and others who sell fresh products. Besides it being extremely useful for fresh goods, the Innoseal® bag closer is also seen as the essential closing system used in hardware stores, pet shops and an amazing variety of production facilities. It is safe to say, the Innoseal® Sealer is super handy for use at home too.
The housing of the Sealer is impact resistant, trustworthy and dishwasher friendly. Furthermore, our Sealers are stable, easy-to-use, hygienic, and without loose parts.
The specially designed, innovative closure which combines paper and tape is tamper evident, easy-to-open, reusable and airtight.
Benefits of the Innoseal® Sealer
• Sturdy and never hampers
• Safe and quick
• Corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe
• Re-open and re-close the seal without scissors or knife
• Airtight closure
• Products stay fresh longer
• Tamper-evident closure, you can see if it has been opened before – food safety
• Economical choice compared to other closures
• Lifetime factory warranty
• Relatively heavy for more stability and sturdiness
• Completely closed housing, minimizing dirt and filth
• No more loose parts or core holders that are easily lost while closing a bag
• Maintenance-friendly
• Ergo-dynamic
• Prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
• Easy to use and reload
• If the Sealer has a transparent lid, you are able to see when to change the roll of Refill. This is the case of the Clear Sealer, the RE-Sealer, and the L-Sealer.
• Can be secured to a tabletop with screws into the bottom plate; against theft and for extra stability