Innoseal Standard Bag Cutter
For Innoseal Standard Sealers

This Bag Cutter Block is specially made for the Innoseal® Standard Sealer. It does not fit in the other (Innoseal®) bag closing systems. The knife makes it possible to easily cut off excess material beyond the twisted part of the bag or sleeve.
With just a click you can place the cutter block in the Sealer. It is also easy to remove the Cutter Block but watch out for the blade, it is extremely sharp.

Extra comfort
Easy breezy

Innoseal Standard Bag Cutter

 10,- (excl. VAT)

No more tail for your bags with the Innoseal Standard Bag Cutter. This Bag CutterBlock is the ideal accessory to remove the extra material of the bag left over after you sealed it. This tool is uniquely developed for the Innoseal® Standard Sealers. You can add The Bag Cutter to your Standard Sealer in one click, and it will rapidly make a clean cut to the surplus material of your bag. Warning! The blade of the cutter is extremely sharp!


Cut off extra clutter

  • Only suited for the Innoseal Standard Sealers; not sure if you have a (Standard) Sealer? Contact us!
  • Easy to put in and to remove from your Innoseal bag closing system.
  • Cuts off excess material of a sealed bag.
  • The high quality of the Cutter Block shines through your goods. With the leftover cut off, the customer gets your perfect product and the knifeblock will reflect on your quality as well.
  • Warning! The blade is extremely sharp! Be careful when placing or removing the Cutterblock and when using it.
  • Also available in a bigger size for the L-Sealers.

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