Innoseal Inno-RE-Set

The New Normal

Go green and recreate your Sealer over and over again! The bag closing system with its housing made of 100% recycled materials in a black base modern look and the Limited Edition Refill guarantee the same Innoseal benefits as you are used to. With the Edding marker, included in the set, you can personalize the Sealer: making it a point of sales.

Patented combination
Effortless closing
Perfectly matched

Innoseal Inno-RE-Set

 80,- (excl. VAT)

Act green and give your Sealer an exclusive personalization! The Inno-RE-Set is our green solution! It consists of a RE-Sealer; a 100% recycled materials housing for this bag closing system in its black and modern look , 7 Sets Limited Edition RE-fill and an Edding marker to make your Sealers totally unique with your special signature.


Recreate your future.

  • Black housing made of recycled materials.
  • With the transparent lid you can easily see when you are about to run out of Refill.
  • 6 mm slot ideal for sealing.
  • With the Edding marker you can recreate you Sealer over and over again.
  • Reuse as new opportunity; second life or surprise Refill options.
  • We strongly believe in the high-quality of this Sealer, so as to make us offer a lifetime warranty. Durability and reliability are ensured thanks to the specially selected materials. With our specially selected materials we have a Sealer that is sturdy. Just as all our Sealers we tested the quality and we have a lifelong warranty also on this Sealer.
  • The Sealer is already supplied with one Refill set (1 roll of tape + 1 roll of paper).
  • Place the RE-Sealer where you think it will give the best of itself without bothering with the assemblage! The bag closing system will come to you assembled in advance.
  • The Sealer does not get rusty and can be safely washed in the dishwasher.
  • Also practically to wash by hand.
  • The Sealer can be put in frozen, warm and humid environments worry-free.
  • 7 sets of Refill, 850* closures, how many bags do you close in a lifetime?
  • The tamper evidence is given by the paper on the tabs of the closure. This will allow you to check if there is a rip on it.
  • The ingenious closure opens smoothly, find the instructions “Twist and Pull” on the paper and open your bag in a breeze.
  • The bag can be closed again and again with the reusable seal; just twist the neck of the bag back up, stick the closures around it, pinch the tabs back together and enjoy the contents of the bag later.
  • Keep away the dirt and enjoy fresh contents for longer with the Innoseal closures that close your bags hermetically.

* Depends on the neck of the bag

SKU: 2300
Dimensions Sealer: 245 mm x 70 mm x 130 mm
Dimension Slot: 6 mm
Weight: 1100 grams

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Weight 1,3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 34 × 10,5 cm