Standard Kit

The best of both worlds for you in this perfect combination of a Standard Sealer and a box of 84 Refill Sets. Enjoy closing a bag with an effortless movement without running out of stock easily. Get a kit with a Standard Sealer with a 84 Refill Sets and seal, and seal, and seal….


Patented combination
Effortless closing

Standard Kit

 245,- (excl. VAT)

Our 2 most sold products combined. Enough Refill for unlimited sealing and a standard Sealer which can close up to 70% of the bags on the market.

Innoseal Refill 84 Sets

Each box consists of 84 rolls of tape and 84 rolls of paper; about 72.000 closures! Choose whatever color you like, and your amount of boxes. Prices start at only €1,90 per set; with appox. 850 closures! Do the math :) Refill 84 sets - What's not to love. *Prices exclude VAT or other taxes transport, ex- and import duties, etc. Ask us for details.

Standard Sealer

  • Classic Sealer, fully white for a greater exterior feel of order and cleanliness.
  • Clear Sealer, with a see-through lid for a quick view of the status of the Refill.
  • RE-Sealer, made 100% with recycled materials, in its black and modern look, you choose to seal with our greenest option.


One kit, one movement, ZERO EFFORTS

  • The lifetime durability of the Sealer and the compact Refill rolls with  ± 850* closures per set make this kit the most economical choice for your business.
  • A chance to enjoy one of our Standard Sealers combined with a large amount of Refill Sets to make your shop ready to seal and never be unprepared.


  • The Sealer will come to you pre-loaded, with a Refill of tape (PVC-free) and paper already inside it.
  • The Sealer is already assembled. The only thing to do is to choose where to place it.
  • The sealer does not fear water. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and this makes it rust-free.
  • The Sealer opens handily and it can be reloaded quickly.
  • The Sealer keeps working efficiently also with frost, heat, and humid environments.
  • 6 mm slot.


  • Swallow free. The tape does not damage any internal parts of the body if swallowed.
  • The words “Twist and Pull” on the closure give instructions how to open, and this makes it easily done.
  • Tamper evident. The paper part of the seal is there also to ensure you that no one has opened the bag before you.
  • The closure is reusable and it can be closed many times.
  • The seal is designed to keep your products safe and fresh, thanks to its airtight closure.
  • PVC-free tape.
  • It is possible to choose between a Multicolor or a Unicolor (one color) paper roll, available in 7 different colors to be used as you prefer.

*Depends on the thickness of the neck of the bag

1Prices exclude VAT or other taxes transport, ex- and import duties, etc. Ask us for details.

Additional information

Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions 47,5 × 30 × 18,5 cm

One set of Refill consists of one roll of tape and one roll of paper. A compact single set consists of approx. 900* closures. The print on the paper gives the instructions ‘’Twist & Pull’’, to open the closure easily. The paper shows if there is a rip or tear which makes the closure tamper evident and food grade safe. There is a huge advantage these closures offer; it goes around the twist of a bag in an instant and is easy to re-open and re-close, for young or elderly, no damage to the package. Keeping your goods fresh and secure. This is very much appreciated by end-users, they can finally open any of your bags in one movement and without annoyance. Plus, this closure is swallow safe – no choking hazard for your kids or elderly family, or chance of internal damage if swallowed.

The Refill sets are available with a color code system in paper print; with a fixed color for each day of the week. These can be ordered together as a package (Multi Color), but it also comes in Uni color variants (one of our 7 colors, to fit your corporate identity for instance).

The Innoseal® Sealer with its special Refill is considerably cheaper than other bag closing systems. Alternatives are not really comparable with the quality Innoseal stands for – nor are the other options as economical.
Innoseal is the sustainable system, in more ways than one. Many other systems use PVC tape, while Innoseal® uses a rubber solvent tape, which guarantees a perfect closure and is less harmful to the environment. To go on, the closures are significantly smaller and more time-efficient than other closures. This not only leads to less residual waste, but also the closures take much less place than other closing systems.
The individual rolls of an Innoseal® Refill set can easily be placed in the bag closing machines, because they only fit into the base in one certain way.
*depends on the thickness of the bag