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Innoseal L-Bag Cutter
for L-Sealer

This large Bag Cutter Block is especially made for the Innoseal® L-Sealer. It does not enter in the other (Innoseal®) bag closing systems’ opening. The Bag Cutter makes it possible to easily cut off material in excess after the sealed part of the bag or sleeve. Place the Cutter block in the Sealer with just a click. Removing the Cutter block is also very easy, but watch out with the blade, it is extremely sharp.

Extra comfort
Easy breezy

Innoseal L-Bag Cutter

 15,- (excl. VAT)

You do not know you need it until you have it. This large Bag Cutter Block is especially customized for the Innoseal® L-Sealer. The Large Bag Cutter makes it possible to easily cut off remaining material you have after the twisted part of the bag or sleeve. The cut will be clean and fast thanks to the blade. Caution! The knife is extremely sharp!


Make the experience complete

  • For Innoseal L-Sealers only; if you are not sure which system you have, please contact us.
  • Remove the superfluous material.
  • Removing the extra material from your bag with the Cutter Block will make your customers receive your perfect product and the Bag Cutter will remark the high quality as well.
  • Warning! The blade is extremely sharp! Be careful when placing or removing the Bag Cutter and when using it.
  • Also available in a standard size for the Standard Sealers.

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