Innoseal Supersize kit
for tape and paper

A true gem in our assortment. The combination of the best of Innoseal® to you with the L-Sealer and with 2 boxes of Refill to DOUBLE the FUN. The bag closing system has a wider slot, can loads of bags made of all kinds. And the unique seal makes it extraordinary. The set comes with 2 boxes of 84 Refill Multicolor, giving you enough stock to last a long time! Supersize the same great quality!

Innoseal Supersize kit - a L-Sealer and 2x 84 Refill set multicolor
Patented combination
Effortless closing
Perfectly matched

Innoseal Supersize kit



A unique deal with 2 boxes of 84 Refill Multicolor and a discounted L-Sealer. Make your choices and have your own Supersize kit!

Choose one of our L-Sealers, red or grey, that best fits in your business. Thanks to its 12 mm slot, the larger bag closing system seals different types of bag materials, even the thicker ones.

The synergy between the Innoseal Refill and the L-sealer results in longer seal tabs, providing customers with a better grip to efficiently and effortlessly open the bags


Benefits of the Innoseal Supersize Kit

Seal with style:

Two full boxes of Refill (84 sets, times 2!!) PLUS the Big L-Sealer in Red or Grey – to seal on, and on, and on..

  • Previously known as Anniversary Set.
  • With the 12 mm slot of the L-Sealer you can easily close thicker material bags within the blink of an eye.
  • Did we mention the Sealer is easy to open? It opens effortlessly. Read more about the L-Sealer here.
  • Rust-free. The Sealer is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • The Sealer can resist frost, heat and humid environments. Just like our standard Sealer, but it’s worth the mention.
  • With the transparent lid you can easily see when you need to Refill. No more guessing when it’s time to Refill. It’s always easy to Refill our Sealers, but knowledge is freedom (when it comes to knowing the state of things). The transparent lid will save your time and your business will be as fast and smooth as usual. Time is of the essence and anticipation does wonders.
  • One set of Refill contains 700* closures; with two boxes 84 Refill, you’re ready to seal for a while!
    Want to check-out the details of a single 84 Refill sets box? Go here!
  • The special innovative designed closure combines paper and tape. This unique union seals your bag firmly and creates tamper-evident seals. You can easily spot a tear or a rip on the paper and check if someone touched the bag before you.
  • The closure of approx. 118.300 bags will be extremely easy to open by your beloved. Find the instructions “Twist and Pull” on the paper and open your bag in a heartbeat.
  • The closures are reusable; so if you want to close the bag, just twist the neck of the bag back up, stick the closure around it, pinch the tabs back together and enjoy the contents of the bag later.
  • Once you’ve freshly sealed your bags with this amazing Innoseal System, its inside will stay contained and on point , as the closure is virtually airtight due to carefully resourced tape and the twist in the bag.
  • Longer tabs of these closures make opening easy & breezy!
  • One stop shopping; purchase in one go; save money and space while you give your customers the best experience out there!

* Depends on the neck of the bag

SKU: 2302
Dimensions Sealer: 290 mm x 75 mm x 170 mm
Dimension Slot: 12 mm
Weight: 10.000 grams
Closures: approx. 118.300 !!

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 47,5 × 30 × 18,5 cm

The Innoseal Sealer differentiate themselves through their high-quality design. This ingeniously simplistic piece of engineering has won over the hearts (and minds) of many supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, candy shops, fruit- and vegetable processors, coffee and tea shops, (health) food businesses and others who sell fresh products. Besides it being extremely useful for fresh goods, the Innoseal® bag closer is also seen as the essential closing system used in hardware stores, pet shops and an amazing variety of production facilities. It is safe to say, the Innoseal® Sealer is super handy for use at home too.

The housing of the Sealer is impact resistant, trustworthy and dishwasher friendly. Furthermore, our Sealers are stable, easy-to-use, hygienic, and without loose parts.

The specially designed, innovative closure which combines paper and tape is tamper evident, easy-to-open, reusable and airtight.

Benefits of the Innoseal® Sealer
– Sturdy and never hampers
– Safe and quick
– Corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe
– Re-open and re-close the sealer without scissors or knife
– Airtight closure
– Products stay fresh longer
– Tamper-evident closure, you can see if it has been opened before – food safety
– Economical choice compared to other closures
– Lifetime factory warranty
– Relatively heavy for more stability and sturdiness
– Completely closed housing, minimizing dirt and filth
– No more loose parts or core holders that are easily lost while closing a bag
– Maintenance-friendly
– Ergo-dynamic
– Prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
– Easy to use and reload
– Transparent lid enables you to see when to change rolls
– Can be secured to a tabletop with screws into the bottom plate; against theft and for extra stability


One set of Refill consists of one roll of tape and one roll of paper. A compact single set consists of approx. 900* closures. The print on the paper gives the instructions ‘’Twist & Pull’’, to open the closure easily. The paper shows if there is a rip or tear which makes the closure tamper evident and food grade safe. There is a huge advantage these closures offer; it goes around the twist of a bag in an instant and is easy to re-open and re-close, for young or elderly, no damage to the package. Keeping your goods fresh and secure. This is very much appreciated by end-users, they can finally open any of your bags in one movement and without annoyance. Plus, this closure is swallow safe – no choking hazard for your kids or elderly family, or chance of internal damage if swallowed.

The Refill sets are available with a color code system in paper print; with a fixed color for each day of the week. These can be ordered together as a package (Multi Color), but it also comes in Uni color variants (one of our 7 colors, to fit your corporate identity for instance).

The Innoseal® Sealer with its special Refill is considerably cheaper than other bag closing systems. Alternatives are not really comparable with the quality Innoseal stands for – nor are the other options as economical.
Innoseal is the sustainable system, in more ways than one. Many other systems use PVC tape, while Innoseal® uses a rubber solvent tape, which guarantees a perfect closure and is less harmful to the environment. To go on, the closures are significantly smaller and more time-efficient than other closures. This not only leads to less residual waste, but also the closures take much less place than other closing systems.
The individual rolls of an Innoseal® Refill set can easily be placed in the bag closing machines, because they only fit into the base in one certain way.

*depends on the thickness of the bag

Sealer color